FAIR.org: Newsletter (March 29, 2013)

FAIR - Fairness & Accuracy In ReportingNewsletter: March 29, 2013

FAIR wants to thank all of its listserv members for following our work and supporting our efforts to promote a more democratic media–we couldn’t do it without you. And thanks for helping us get the word out–via email, Twitter (@fairmediawatch) and Facebook, or just by talking to friends and family.

Here are some of the media issues we talked about on our blog this week:

Child workers, Bangladesh (Photo: Global Labour Rights)

102 Years After Triangle Fire, Media Still Wonder How Workers Keep Dying

O'Reilly Demands Respect for the Pagan Goddess Eostre

The Media Didn't Fail on Iraq; Iraq Just Showed We Have a Failed Media

How 'Unlikely' Is Mark Sanford's Comeback Really?

For NPR, Fracking Fight Is Between Farmers & Movie Stars

USA Today quotes Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone linking “fatherlessness” to “incredibly high murder rates.”

USA Today Covers 'Lonely Battle' of Equality Opponents

NYT: If Only Gay Rights Were Unpopular, Then Roberts Might Embrace Them

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